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When you need to feed a crowd, treat your guests to some of our all-around favorite food options from our trusted catering partners. Pricing and options below. 

Murray's Cheese Platter
Cheesemonger-selected variety of seasonal cheeses to match your wines. Selection of five cheeses including mushroomy Camembert, lemony Selles sur Cher, noble Manchego, earthy Fontina val d'Aosta and intense Black River Blue, as well as a selection of dried fruits, nuts, crackers and sliced baguette.
10 to 25 people - $130
25 to 50 people - $175

Charcuterie & Antipasto Platter
Bite size mozzerella marinated in olive oil and spices, alongside Prosciutto di Parma, sopressata, mortadella, dry salami, chorizo, olives, cornichons, on-the-stem artichoke hearts, and whole grain mustard.
10 to 25 people - $160
25 to 50 people - $195

Cheese & Charcuterie Platter
A bit of everything - La Tur, young Manchego, and Cabot Clothbound alongside Prosciutto di Parma, sopressata, and dry salami, accompanied by Marcona almonds, walnuts, cornichons, olives, whole grain mustard, and grapes. 
10 to 25 people - $160
25 to 50 people - $195

Mezze Platter
Smooth and tangy hummus, stuffed grape leaves, olives artichoke hearts, cucumbers, tomatoes, marinated feta, and flavorful crisps.
10 to 25 people - $130
25 to 50 people - $175

Shrimp Cocktail Platter
Freshly prepared shrimp with cocktail sauce and lemon from The Lobster Place.
60 piece (10 to 15 people) - $65
90 piece (15 to 30 people) - $95
120 piece (30 to 50 people) - $125

Seasonal Plancha-Grilled Vegetables
A selection of seasonal veggies, grilled to perfection
10 to 25 people - $45
25 to 50 people - $90


Hors d'Oeuvres

We have partnered with Murray's Cheese to bring you some wonderful hors d’ouvres selections.  One dozen minimum each.  All hors d’ouvres are $48 per dozen.

Toasted flatbreads cut into triangles baked with your choice of mozzarella, sopressata & roasted tomatoes;  Manchego, speck, and smokey sundried tomato spread; or pesto, goat cheese & grilled veggies.

Mini Risotto Balls
Risotto balls packed with flavor paired with a sweet and tangy coulis.

Bacon Wrapped Dates
Sweet dates stuffed with Bucheron cheese and a Marcona almond.

Mini Quiches
Filled with your choice or smoky bacon and Gruyere or spinach and fresh chevre.

Fig & Goat Cheese in Crispy Filo Pastry
Crispy filo pastry filled with fig and goat cheese.

Golden Mac & Cheese Balls
Classic macaroni and cheese balls, fried and served with a spicy sriracha sauce.

Cheese Puffs
Famously rich all-butter puff pastry laced with handfuls of Grana Padano.



Vegetable Crudité Platter
A selection of fresh vegetables with homemade ranch dipping sauce.
10 to 25 people - $45
25 to 50 people - $90

Tortilla Chip Platter
Tortilla chips served with fresh salsa and guacamole.
10 to 25 people - $25
25 to 50 people - $50

Bruschetta Bar
Choose four dips to create a delicious Bruschetta Bar - options include hummus, curried hummus with turmeric and coriander, tzatziki, olive tapenade, roasted eggplant, sundried tomato & smoked mozzarella, creamy garlic and herb, pesto ricotta, artichoke and basil dip, or spinach dip with fromage blanc.
10 to 25 people - $160
25 to 50 people - $215


Salads & Sides

Raw Kale Salad
Raw kale with pine nuts, golden raisins, aged gouda, radicchio, fresh lemon juice, and extra virgin olive oil.
10 to 25 people - $45
25 to 50 people - $90

Pesto Orecchiette
Orecchiette pasta tossed with Murray's basil pesto, toasted pine nuts, oven-roasted tomatoes, fresh goat cheese, and lemon zest. 
10 to 25 people - $45
25 to 50 people - $90

Tunisian Couscous
North African spices enliven pearled couscous, golden raisins, slivered almonds, briny capers, fresh lemon, and extra virgin olive oil.
10 to 25 people - $45
25 to 50 people - $90

Sesame Farro Salad
Farro with roasted wild mushrooms, green peas, and toasted sesame seeds.
10 to 25 people - $45
25 to 50 people - $90

Herbed Quinoa Salad
Organic red and white quinoa with chickpeas, feta, raidicchio, pistachios, and zesty lemon.
10 to 25 people - $45
25 to 50 people - $90



Our neighbors at The Lobster Place have the best seafood lunch boxes in the business. 

Lobster Roll Lunch Box
Includes a lobster roll (fresh claw and tail meat, celery, scallions, lemon and mayo, on a grilled top-split bun), bag of Cape Cod chips, oatmeal raisin cookie, and Maine Root soda.
$20 per person

Crab Club Lunch Box
Includes a Crab Club (Peekytoe crab salad, bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado, on toasted rye), bag of Cape Cod chips, oatmeal raisin cookie, and Maine Root soda.
$25 per person

Tarragon Shrimp Roll Lunch Box
Includes a Tarragon Shrimp Roll (Sweet shrimp, fresh taragon, capers, cornichons parsley, chives and mayo, on a grilled top-split bun), bag of Cape Cod chips, oatmeal raisin cookie, and Maine Root soda.
$25 per person


For cheese and meat lovers, Murray's Cheese has just what you need. The minimum order for these options is 10 sandwiches.  All Murray's Cheese sandwiches are $15 per sandwich.

Tompkins Turkey
Roasted turkey, artichoke basil spread, white cheddar, sliced tomato, and fresh greens on baguette.

Bleecker Street
Genoa salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, mozzarella, and basil pesto on semolina.

Jambon Royale, double cream briw, sliced cornichons, and dijon on French baguette.

The Leroy
Roasted seasonal veggies, chevre, and basil pesto on wheat.

Beef, Blue, and Balsamic
Roasted beef, Gorgonzola cremificato, and aged balsamic with fig jam on semolina.

Holy Cow
House-roasted beef, New York sharp cheddar, red onion, and whole grain mustard aioli on seven grain.

Grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, avocado, and aioli on wheat baguette.

Al Fresco
Fresh mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil, and balsamic on semolina.

Mediterranean Veggie
Murrray's hummus, olives, cucumbers, red onion, and baby kale on seven grain.

Sandwich Package
Your choice of ten sandwiches cut into thirds, as well as any two salads, sides, or a dessert tray.
$95 per package


Action Stations

The Lobster Place's professional staff will prepare delicious fresh seafood for your guests.

Lobster Roll Station
Lobster rolls made to order.
$40 per person

Raw Bar Experience
Freshly shucked oysters and cracked crab legs on the spot. Includes shrimp cocktail, oysters, Jonas crab claws, and Little Neck clams, cocktail sauce, mignonette sauce, and lemons.
$60 per person

Sushi Bar Experience
An experienced sushi chef will make sashimi, nigiri, and rolls to enjoy with your wine tasting. Ginger, wasabi, soy sauce, and chopsticks included. Please inquire for sushi options.
$80 per person



Continental Breakfast Pastry Platter
A Continental-style breakfast platter that includes miniature bagels, muffins, danishes, croissants, and scones accompanied with butter, cream cheese, fruit jams, and garnished with fresh seasonal sliced fruit and berries.
10 to 25 people - $80
5 to 50 people - $140

Coffee Service (per 10 people)
Freshly brewed gourmet coffee. Includes disposable cups, sugar and cream.
$25 per 10 people

Tea Service (per 10 people)
Black and herbal tea. Includes disposable cups, sugar and cream.
$25 per 10 people



Sliced Fruit Platter
A selection of seasonal fresh fruit and berries garnished with leafy mint.
10 to 25 people - $75
25 to 50 people - $150

Three-Layer Cake
All cakes are three-layer cakes and an inscription is always free. A variety of flavors and any additional sizes are available, please inquire.
6” Round Cake (serves 6 people) - $50
8” Round Cake (serves 10 people) - $60
10” Round Cake (serves 15-25 people) - $90
12” Round Cake (serves 20-35 people) - $130
14” Round Cake (serves 30-50 people) - $170

Assorted flavors available, please inquire.  Minimum order one dozen.
$48 per dozen

Assorted Dessert Tray
Something for everyone! Oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and rich chocolate brownies.
10-25 people - $45
26-50 people - $90

Classic Cheese Cake
A smooth, creamy classic that everyone is sure to love.

Lemon Bars
Tangy, fresh, buttery, and tart- what more could you ask for?
10-25 people - $45
26-50 people - $90